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WHO IS IT FOR: Beginners and beyond.

Thank you for considering this class! If you choose to enroll. You will learn not only how to paint a beautiful little country landscape, but you will end up having a wonderful painting you can hang on your wall or give to a friend.

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In this class you will follow along with Andy and watch him paint the entire painting from composing the painting to the final touches on the finished watercolor. Andy has a way of breaking down the process step by step; explaining and showing you how to paint from a reference photo in a fun, casual, and relaxing way that makes it easy.  If this course was a live workshop, it would be valued at $125.00

Painting size is approx.: 15” x 5” in a wide format.

Feel free to adjust this a bit if you want to by adding more sky or foreground pasture.

Course Length: 2 hrs. and 18 min. plus an additional extra 50 minutes of "Beginner Bonus Lectures" where I talk about supplies (paint, paper, and brushes)


Andy’s downloadable and printable Painting Guide Packet:

  •  color corrected reference photo used while painting
  •  traceable drawing of the painting
  •  final painting image
  •  supply list with most critical/needed supplies underlined.

Download Supply list

Upon enrollment, I will give you a downloadable written list of supplies as well as a photo. There will be a video explaining in detail why you need each item. I will also underline the most critical paint colors on the supply list and suggest other optional colors.

Downloadable Painting
Guide Packet

To get started, download the PDF "Painting Guide Packet". This includes several sizes of the drawing to trace and the printable color corrected reference photo with close up of the barns. Also, a copy of the final painting to print and the Supply list.

you will Learn
  1. digital composing overview
  2. wet on wet painting
  3. painting on dry and wet together
  4. using a q-tip cotton swab
  5. using color test strips
  6. using light pencil
  7. using salt texture
  8. scoring lines

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Meet Your Instructor

Andy Sewell: Artist & Teacher

I'm Andy, and I'm a full-time, award winning artist living in Viola, Idaho. Viola is centered in the rolling wheat fields of North Idaho and known as "The Palouse".

In my late teens, I dreamed of learning to paint. However upon entering college, I reluctantly agreed to study Business at Boise State University due to the very persuasive nudging of my father.

Then I had an opportunity to participate in an exchange program to the University of Hawaii. I took advantage of the surf and sand while I was there.

Finally, after 3 years of studying architecture at the University of Idaho, I decided that I really preferred creating 2D art instead of 3D buildings. I challenged my father's business advice and switched majors in 1987 which earned me a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design and Painting.

Since then I've painted well over 500 paintings and sold the originals and prints for over 25 years. Thanks to my graphic design training, I reproduce my original paintings and manufacture my own prints. I make some of my own frames, and frame my paintings.

My artwork is shown and sold online as well as through other galleries and at art shows throughout the Northwest, USA.

• • • • •

Andy has offered live classes and workshops for over 20 years and is a sought after watercolor instructor. See some of the testimonials from his students below.

He travels during the summer showing and selling much of his art in venues and shows. Andy has won awards for his work and has been invited on numerous occasions to be the guest artist at prominent art venues.

He loves to paint flowers and landscapes of the Northwest as well as fishing scenes, wildlife, rural farms, and the countryside. He paints some in plein air, abstract, and works from photo reference compositions.

Testimonials from Past Students


The most helpful part was seeing the actual techniques in person …  When is the next class?

Carol A - workshop student


I have loved your work. Thanks for your time and attention. The most helpful part was learning the use of color and the color strips. … love being braver!

Nora W. - workshop student


Being in a brand new amateur class was very fun and very informative. Love your detail and art! Love your personality and work. Thank You.

Susan R. - Live workshop student