I have painted for over 30 years. I have been a full-time artist for almost 20 years. I paint in watercolor, oil and acrylic. I paint realism, abstract, and a mix of both. I will teach you how to paint and will also help unlock your inner artist to thrive and be free to fly.

Watch for my growing list of courses.

I am excited to help you grow in all aspects

of thriving as the creative person

you're meant to be.

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Watercolor Painting Course 1

Painting the "Red Barn Misty Morn". In this course I walk you through from start to finish on how to compose and paint a beautiful little country scene just North of where I live in Viola, Idaho. It is a lovely scene with the morning mist rising up behind the barn with a bit of a mountain showing in the background.

The "Master of Techniques"

I have been called by fellow artists as "The Master of Techniques" I am always figuring out creative new ways to get the paint on the paper. I will show you all my creative techniques!

Art Booth Setup & More

As you partner with me in the art coaching journey I will teach you all I have learned in being a full-time artist.